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Currently we are the only cricket club in the state capital Düsseldorf. We have members across  8 different nationalities & our players have represented the national team.


2020 Games Information

Our season has started out well. Here you can know about our upcoming games and recent results. Also check our consistent performers over the years.

Squads 2022

This season we have our Bulls , Bisons & Youth team competing in DCB & WDCV 2022. We have got some exciting new talents representing us this season.

Our Sponsors

Being one of the successful cricket clubs & thanks to our strong fan base we receive multiple sponsorship requests.If you are interested to sponsor contact us. To check our current sponsors.

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Latest Updates

Blackcaps Bulls on to the virtual finals of NRW Championship to make a record for 5th Championship in a row.

Come and cheer for the team on 14th Aug 2022 in Nord Park, Düsseldorf

Our Contribution

Over the years we have conducted tournaments whose proceeds have been used for the right causes. Get in touch if you would want to contribute or if you need our help