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Season 2020 - Covid Regulations

The year 2020 has been wreaked havoc due to the coronavirus pandemic. Life is slowly returning to normal in Germany with added responsibilty to each citizen. We at the club have shared general covid precautions that needs to be undertaken to our members.                WDCV has started the cricket league with T20 tournament for the region after obtaining necessary approvals. Blackcaps decided to go with only two teams this season considering the environment. The intensive indoor training during the winter has helped both the teams to have a strong start to the league. Also the break has enabled us to focus on improving our nordpark ground , we have put a new pitch after relaying the concrete . As a club we have taken strict measures and follow the regulations for maintaining hygiene & covid precautions laid out by the German government as well as DCB. Attaching both the documents with this blog : 

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